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Digitizing Maps


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I too am now preparing for my thesis, and before requesting for the education license, I'm doing some homework to save time. I have downloaded the SRTM files and am now digitizing the maps for roughness.
1 - Could I please check if it is possible to combine these two maps in Map Editor or should I wait till I have access to WAsP to combine them?
Additionally, I have read N.G.Mortensen's reply above indicating that power and thrust curves/coefficients are required to calculate the yield--I managed to get the power curves.
2-I have been rather unsuccessful in retrieving thrust coefficients--is there any work around this as commercial manufacturers of wind turbines are not readily parting with this information. I plan to calculate the wake loss in order to calculate the WAsP Net Production of Wind Farm
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Hi - combining two digital maps in the Map Editor is quite easy: You load the first map using the File|Open menu-option, and after that you load the second digital map using the "File | Add" or "File | Add-and-Replace" option, the latter if the second map overlaps the first map and is ment to replace it in the overlapping area. Once the combination of the two maps has been performed you may simply save the combined map.
For this operation no WAsP licence is needed - the Map Editor is freeware.
/Ole Rathmann
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