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.tab files in WAsP 11.5


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I am not able to import a .tab file (which is NOT prepared via WACA) into a project when working with WAsP 11.5 (tried release D and E). The exception error message starts with "Message added: Could not confirm that the TAB file is OK for reading".

I have tested the same workspace and the tab file with WAsP 11.4. It works with that version.

From the release notes, I can see that there are new features related to tab/owc files. Could there be a bug when using a tab file manually created?

Best regards
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Hello Utku,

Could you post the file here, or at least the top four lines of the file?

If that's not possible, please raise a technical support request by emailing WAsP support . Then you'll be able to send the file in confidence and we can investigate what you're seeing.

Best wishes, Duncan.
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