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How to get the full load hours?


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Dear WAsP community,

I would like to know whether there is a command in the Html script which will show me the full load hours for a wind farm in the report view. Therefore I just need to devide the "Net AEP" with the "rated hours".

The comand for the "Net Aep" in the script is: "Builder.InsertClosedTableDataElement DataFormatting.FormatAep(Site.ProductionRose.SumOfSectorsAnnualNetProduction, False, MaxPower)"

"rated hours":
Builder.InsertClosedTableDataElement Site.AsICalculatingHierarchyMember.CalculationByType(5).Associates.WindTurbineGenerator.SelectedPerformanceTable.PointWithHighestPower.Power/1000000

I tried a couple of combinations but it wasn#t working out. I hope you can help me - I wll appreciate it.

Cheers windmueller.
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What problem do you see? Is there an error? I suggest that you separate the calculations from the presentation. Create an intermediate variable to hold the intermediate result. Put the number into that, and then MSGBOX it to see that the calculation has worked. Then handle the writing as a separate operation.
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