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Wind data sources (2003-10-31)

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I am trying WASP for the first time and I have a doubt on wind data sources format.

WASP requires wind data measures to be entered as a table (with wind speed and directions) and it returns frecuencies and Weibull distribution parametres.

The point is that I do already have a data table with frecuencies associated to wind speed and directions, not the wind measures at all.

I would like to know if it is possible to enter this data into WASP in order to get the Weibull distribution parametres and the associated Wind Atlas.


Yes, you can use the table of frequencies - provided that you can reformat it to the WAsP *.tab file format, see "Technical Reference | WAsP file formats | Observed Wind Climate (*.tab)" in the WAsP help file for a description of the format. Almost any text editor or spreadsheet will do the reformatting.
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