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Creating a map for WASP (roughness issue)


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My name is Enrique, and I am designing an eolic wind farm for my final degree's project. I have managed to create a .gmw or .dfx with global mapper, but I do not know how to create the roughness to create a .map to use in WASP.

I'm using version Global mapper 16.1.

Thank you in advanced.
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I hardly use Global Mapper but I assume it can import the google earth KML/KMZ files like other GIS software packages? If so you can do the followings:

1. In Google Earth, draw polygons around areas that present different types of roughness with respect to the land cover of the wind farm (e.g. draw polygons around tall trees, water bodies, sea, urban, city, etc)

2. Save those polygons as kml/kmz files and import them into Global Mapper. Then export them as DFX files.

3. Load the DFX files into WAsP Map Editor. Should the process being successful, go to Windows - Map Image. Select each polygon, right-click on each and then go to Edit Line Properties. That's where you can edit the roughness information.
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