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Heat Flux adjustment in WASP 11


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Hi there,
We are using WASP 10 and WASP 11 (normally not using CFD). In WASP 10 when trying to adjust a vertical profile with a high measurement (or LIDAR) I changed the heat flux parameter. Up to now I couldn't find this option in WASP 11. Where is it?
Additionally when importing a project into WASP 11 with non-default heat flux parameters that was generated in WASP 10 the calculation results differ.
So what can I do to solve this problem?
Thanks and best regards
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The heat flux settings (and other parameters influencing the wind profile) have been moved from the project level to the Generalised wind climate window. There is now a Profile model tab in thios window, which contains the parameters

The heat flux settings should stay as they were when importing an old project, but results will always be due for recalculation because of minor model improvements.

Best regards,
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