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Wake effect of neighbouring farms?


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Dear all,

I've noticed that when I set up a project with two wind farms, the wake effects of one wind farm do not affect the other farm. That is, the energy yield of farm_1 does not change when I have farm_2 nearby (5 rotor diameters distance) or not. It looks as if wake effects are only modeled for the turbines _within_ a single wind farm (either farm_1 or farm_2), but I have not found a confirmation for this in the Wasp11 help or in the forum.

Is this a bug or a feature? If this is intended, how do I assess the wake effect of neigbouring wind farms? Do really I have to put all turbines into one large wind farms?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Vob,

Yes, the wake effects are only modelled within wind farms. Each farm can have different sub-groups. So it sounds like you should move both farms into a single farm as separate Turbine Site Groups. This should be possible with a drag and drop.

It's neither a bug, nor a feature. It's just the way we made it. This allows users to have multiple wind farms in the same project without modelling their interference (for example if they are far away).

HTH, Duncan.
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Hi Duncan,

thanks for your clarifying reply. Seems I was not fully aware of the use of Turbine Site Groups - my fault!

Making the separation in this twofold way (wind farms and turbine site groups) makes perfect sense to separate the wind farms that interact from those that are not supposed to interact.

Thanks again!
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Hi "vob", you are right - wake effects from one wind farm object (A) are not felt at all by turbines in another wind farm object (B) - they are treated completely separately. If you want to model the mutual wake effect the trick is to make a "super"-wind farm, having your two existing wind farms as sub-turbine groups. In fact it is very easily done:
a) create a new (empty) wind farm object;
b) drag wind farm A to the super wind farm icon , and
c) drag wind farm B to the super wind farm icon.

A and B will then appear as a turbine groups in the super wind farm.
d) perform the wind farm calculation for the super-wind farm
e) inspect the result for A and B individually.


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