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Reference site confusion


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What additional information does a Reference Site give to the Wind Farm hierarchy member, so that without it no Wind Farm power curve can be calculated? It´s not the point on the map at which the speeds should be taken for the wind turbine site calculations, is it? I assumed that since dRIX value at each turbine site within a Wind Farm is in any case relative to the met. mast than each turbine site should be using wind speeds at the point where is it located. Otherwise dRIX value should have been relative to the Reference Site.

Thank you, expecting a prompt reply!

P.S. I had written a long post with a few questions in it, but while I was writing it the system logged me out so when I clicked on submit I lost all the questions I had put out. That could be very frustrating) Could you extend the log out time a little please?
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Hi vman,
In order to be able to calculate a wind farm power curve (power output of the wind farm as a function of wind speed and wind direction at a common reference position), it is necessary to refer the wind speed and wind direction to a common reference position; the reference site.
Please refer to the WAsP help file for further information about reference sites.
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