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How to load wind statistic .LIB files in WAsP Engineering 3

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Dear WAsP Team,
from WAsP 11 I am used to include wind statistic files (.LIB) from weather stations to my workspaces. Now I started working with WAsP Engineering 3 and also tried to include those wind statistic files to the workspace. But I failed. Can you tell me how to proceed?
Thank you!
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Hi Rasmus,
My colleague Morten wrote this:

"The basic input for WEng is called an observed extreme wind file (*.oewc) and it is generated with the WAsP Climate analyst. You could say that WEng *.oewc files are equivalent to the WAsP *.tab or *.owc files.

In WEng projects you can convert your observed extreme wind files (*.oewc) to generate generalized extreme wind climate files (*.rewc), save these to disk, and use them in other WEng projects. Thus, the WEng *.rewc files are equivalent to WAsP *.lib or *.rwc wind atlas files.

NB: Please use WACA for WEng2 or WACA2 for WEng3 as the observed extreme-wind file format has changed."

So, you should only use the LIB file when exporting data to WAT; and here you will be asked for the file.

Hope this helps,
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