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SOLVED: method to export rsf file


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Hi @all,

I am looking for a method to export a *.rsf file for a wind farm (aka TurbineSiteGroup) from VBS.

Of course I can do this via right click -> export, but this is error-prone as I then have to select a directory and enter a filename manually, and if I have several TurbineSiteGroups in my project it's getting tedious. So, I'd like to write a small routine that exports the RSF files for all TurbineSiteGroups using predefined names so that the exported RSF files can be used in a consistent manner by other (non-Wasp) programs. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: I've just discovered that there is a way to export a wrg file described in the standard script 'Do all resource grid calculations and export.was9'. This relies on Rvea0178.ObjectFactory and uses the CreateResourceGridWrgFilter method. I think if there were something like a "CreateResourceGridRsfFilter" method, this might solve my problem. Unfortunately, I didn't find documentation about Rvea0178, so I'm stuck here at the moment. - EDIT: this doesn't help, because the .rsf file I'd like to create is rather a replacement for a .wwf file than for a .wrg file.

UPDATE 2: Looks like I didn't do enough research - shame on me! There's a standard script 'Turbine site result to RSF.was9', which shows me how to do what I want. Apparently there's no direct method to export RSF, rather the required info is collected on the fly and written to a text file.
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I'm sorry we didn't respond to your original post. The main scripting wizard (Ray) is on holiday just now, but I could have helped out with this question.

The RSF format is depreciated, partly because it has such strict fixed column widths that don't work well with modern wind farm data.

It's great to hear that you found a script to do what you need. The utility script only does one site at a time. I think we put it there really as a template example for cases just like this, so that you can create a correctly formatted RSF.

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