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Coriolis parameter


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While trying to recreate some numbers produced by WAsP (when going from tab to lib), I found the final Weibull parameters quite sensitive to the value I used for the Coriolis parameter in the geostrophic drag law.

Does WAsP use a constant value for f (say 1.2e-4 s-1) or is it calculated based on the latitude of the site?

Thank you!
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does anyone know what WAsP uses as exact values for
- Coriolis parameter in the various formulas in the wind atlas application/analysis ? (e.g. 1e-4 s-1)
- Absolute surface temperature for the stability calculations ? (e.g. 288 K)

Also, is the air density kept at 1.225 kg/m3 for all of the calculations?

I appreciate any insight into these little however relevant mysteries.

Thank you
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