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WENG3 with WAsP11

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Is it possible for you to upgrade to WEng 3? WAsP 11 and WEng 3 work best together. I am not sure if WENg 2 can run a WAT script with WAsP 11, but I can investigate if you need. Upgrading WEng is by far the best option here, so let me know if that's possible.
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Hi Duncan,

We are using the following versions to work with WAT 4.0:
- Wasp11.exe
- WaspEngineering3.exe

When I try to "prepare data for WAT", I got the following error:
"A licenced copy of WAsP 10 or 11 is not available on the machine."

We do have licences for both WAsP and and WEng.
- Is this something to do with a bug due to the WEng 3.1 version?
- The licences are registered under different names but same company name. Would that be the reason?

Best Regards
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