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Problem with .tab file.


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It's not much information I have, but I can say that it is important to use the latest version of the software - this often solves the problems. According to your licence, you can download:

WAsP 10.1 from http://www.wasp.dk/Download/Software/WAsP10_Installation.aspx
WAsP 9.1 from http://www.wasp.dk/Download/Software/WAsP9_Installation.aspx
WAsP 8.4 from http://www.wasp.dk/Download/Software/WAsP8_Installation.aspx.

It might be a good idea to uninstall whatever version you have now and make a clean reinstall. If problem persists, please report back or write email to waspsupport@risoe.dtu.dk.

A TAB file can also be opened in a standard text editor (e.g. NotePad). The format of this kind of file is described in the WAsP help system.
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