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Reuven Shenkar

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Hi all, and happy new year,

I read with some excitement Brian's announcement on the WAsP homepage, referring to a forthcoming WAsP-CFD that is somewhere under way. It would be very interesting to know what is the expected timeline for this. I guess that it is not just right around the corner; hopefully I am wrong...


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Hi Reuven,

As you may already have been informed through the WAsP Newsletter (email) sent out today by Rikke, our timeline for WAsP CFD is: Demonstration at EWEA 2012 in Copenhagen (April!) and release towards the end of 2012.

Our vision for WAsP CFD is "Accurate AEP Anywhere". WAsP CFD will be easy to use and provide fast, cheap and consistent results. We achieve this by combining WAsP and CFD, exploiting the strengths of both products.

The development of WAsP CFD has come far and thus we will probably not be able to meet any major feature requests in the demo version. However, the WAsP team want WAsP CFD to become very valuable to you as well as to other potential users! Therefore, we would definitely like to know what you and other potential users are hoping for? Why is this exciting? What do you think we'll make? What would be disappointing for you? What would be great?

Note that WAsP CFD is developed in cooperation between Risø DTU, EMD International A/S and Vattenfall A/S, and WAsP CFD will be available through WAsP as well as WindPRO.


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