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Dear wasp team,

I noticed the new wasp engineering version 3.0 on the wasp site.
In the new features one point got my direct attention:

6. Grid maps supported
Elevation and roughness maps in grid (or raster) format may now be used directly to generate projects, in addition to traditional WAsP vector maps.
A vector-grid map conversion utility tool is provided, allowing different methods of gridding to be used.

I have two questions regarding this interesting feature:
- Is grid (or raster) support for roughness maps coming to Wasp as well in the near
-The vector-grid map conversions utility tool, is it a one way (vector->grid) utility or both ways (grid->vector as well)?

Kind regards,
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According to our current plans, the next version of WAsP (version 11) will not allow you to provide grid maps as input data for modelling, but this feature is definitely on the way and I expect you will be able to do that in the next WAsP after WAsP 11.

Sorry to say that the vector-to-grid map utility is one-way only, and doesn't generate contours or roughnesses from grid input data.

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