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About the turbine cluster wind farm problem in WAsP 9.0.? Emergency!


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I want to ask about the turbine cluster wind farm problem in WAsP 9.0.
I set up a turbine cluster wind farm in my project, and I inserted my file to the "Site locations". However, it didn't work!(The insertion was not successfully completed)
With my method as below:
I used the "Microsoft office Excel" to arrange and set up my data, including turbine site, x position, y position, and height. Like as...
"Turbine site 001" 223000 2657000 80
"Turbine site 002" 222640 2657000 80
"Turbine site 003" 222280 2657000 80
"Turbine site 004" 221920 2657000 80
Then I copy these data to a new (*.txt) file, and saved it! Then I just inserted the file to the "Site locations" for my project as mentioned before.
What's the problem with that? How could I solve it? Or, is there any other way to do for achieving my work?
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Hi~, here is a quick way to insert the turbine locations according to the certain coordinates and hub height:

Just copy the WTG ID, X coordinates, Y coordinates and Hub height in the EXCEL sheet, then right click on the project items that you want to add your turbines in the WAsP program, on the list, you can select "Insert N turbine sites from the clipboard", mission done! So quick, right? :)

I have also tried to add the turbines following your way, it also works. Maybe you can try again and make sure you save the coordintas and hub height in format of VALUE, so that WAsP can read them correctly.
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