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Advantages in running 64bit?


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Many of the computers we are running WAsP/Weng on are 64-bit machines, but they only have a 32-bit version of Windows installed (due to IT-support reasons)..

However, we are wondering which advantages an upgrade to a 64-bit windows would bring?
Would we be able to operate larger maps, would we see a performance increase or what would be the expected difference? And would the effects be dramatic or marginal?

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Hi Mark,

WAsP is a 32-bit program, and would not work differently.

The core of WAsP is written in FORTRAN, and this language apparently has some fundamental constraints which make it very hard for compilers to make use of 64-bit addressing. (I have no idea why.)

Most of us WAsP developers have 64-bit Windows on 64-bit hardware. There are really very few programs which can take proper advantage of 64-bits. The main advantage for us is that we can install and use lots of RAM. This lets us host multiple Virtual Machines, and have many programs open simultaneously. So this capability might affect how you use can use WAsP in your work, rather than how a single instance of WAsP itself will perform.

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