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Maintain the project as a seperate file... (2004-05-19)

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...the seperate file option would be nice. Yet, I seem unable to retrieve any of the project's members after saving and reloading the workspace. Whatever I do, the project will appear "blank" with all information lost.

Any ideas? Has anybody successfully set up and reloaded a project by external reference?

Thank you!

C. Berndt


This functionality seems to work alright, as far as I can tell. What exact sequence are you following? I tried this:

Create a new workspace. Add a new project, so that there are two. Insert a map to each project. Save the workspace. On one project, check the 'Maintain as separate file'. Provide a filename for the project. Save and close the workspace. Re-open the workspace. All the members were there.

Then I opened a new workspace and inserted that separately maintained project from file. Its map was there, safe and sound.

Can you try to follow this sequence of actions, and see what happens, please? If there project's members are lost, then please contact waspsupport and raise this as a bug for investigation.

Best wishes,

WAsP Team.


Dear WAsP,

yes, I can reproduce this successfully in a newly created workspace, which is quite encourageing.

And no, it does not work for an older workspace that has become rather bulky over the years.

I am not going to send this one around the world now. Instead I shall try to rebuild a clean an tidy version of the workspace with external referenced projects, reconsidering the entire structure.

Best regards

C. Berndt

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