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WRGs Runs continiosly


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We are using WAsP version 9.1.0034,
when we put WRgs to run, by running the project(Usually Overnight) it is noticed thats it goies on re-calculating the same again and again.

Secondly even when we want to caanclel the calculations(lower cancel tab) after calcelling one by one, it again goes to the first WRG.

You need to rectify this bug.
Kindly suggest if there are any changes to be done in Project Parameters to avoid the same.


Prasad Gaitonde
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Of course, I would very much like to rectify this bug. We have never heard of it before, so we need to reproduce it.

Do you notice the same with other workspaces or projects? If not, then could you please send me your workspace so that I can try to reproduce the problem?
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