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Wind Bins

avishek malla

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I am using WAsP 9.0 and am just a beginner. I am doing a wind resource assessment and not concentrated to power prediction at the moment.
I am using WAsP 9.0 to predict whether our turbine testing site has enough wind resource to fill the wind speed bins at an interval 0.5m/s as per IEC61400-12-1 standard.
My problem is i can see the histogram for the predicted wind speeds but i can't find a wind speed bin table for the respective prediction.
I tried to use the k and A value of the weibull distribution . then in excel made a table to calculate the probability density function from the A and k value to identify the wind speeds at various intervals, but problem was - if i used an interval of 0.5m/s my summation of probability becomes 2 (total probability cannot be 2). If i use 1m/s then it is ok. but i cannot use 1m/s for IEC61400-12-1 standards.
Please let me know how can i change the histogram provided in the WAsP prediction results to a tabular format with wind speed bins of 0.5m/s
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WAsP takes the histograms as input and then fits Weibull distributions to them. For a predicted wind climate, Weibull distribtions are all you get. So there's nothing in WAsP which will give you a predicted wind histogram: you haven't missed a hidden feature!

If you need to generate a histogram to match the Weibull PDF, then doing it in Excel seems like a smart move. But it sounds as though you need to tweak your algorithm slightly to handle speed bins of <> 1 m/s. Can you post the algorithm here? Maybe someone can suggest a change that will give you what you need.

Is this a common requirement? Are other people doing this as post-processing to WAsP calculations? Maybe we could hack up a script for that.
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