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mathematical equations used by wasp (2004-04-10)

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Hello, I'm Mauro Ricci, an engineering's student of Bologna University.

I'm doing a thesis about a eolic park near to the location of Malaga

(Spain). My teacher has suggested to me to look for the mathematical

equations used by wasp program for calculating output energy produced by

the eolic park in order of knowing which parameters are used for it.

I'm sure it's very difficult to obtain all this information but I just

need the basic equations. If that is not posible .... would you give me

some information about something related to it ( links, e-books,

equations similar to that used by the program, etc).

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully.

Mauro Ricci

p.d. Si quereís podeis responderme en español. Gracias



you'll find what you want in Engineering meteorology (E. Plate)

fundamentals of meteorology and their application to problems in environmental and civil engineering

ISBN: 0444419721


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