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Found 4 results

  1. I'm getting different "south_north/west_east" coordinates when I download a .nc file for either a bbox or a timeseries download for the same area. When I download a bbox - the "south_north/west_east" appears correctly in EPSG:3035. However when I download a timeseries for the same area the "south_north/west_east" gives completely different (negative values), I've examined the .nc file of the time series and it includes the correct (desired) XLAT and XLON equivalent to the requested areas. For comparison I've downloaded a box of data (for both timeseries and the same coordinates for the bbox) using the following code: parameter_url = 'https://wps.neweuropeanwindatlas.eu/api/mesoscale-ts/v1/get-variables' data_url = 'https://wps.neweuropeanwindatlas.eu/api/mesoscale-ts/v1/get-data-bbox' params = { 'southBoundLatitude' : 50.61, 'northBoundLatitude' : 51.0, 'westBoundLongitude' : -4.17, 'eastBoundLongitude' : -3.8, 'height' : [height], 'variable' : ['WS', 'WD'], 'dt_start' : '2018-06-30T00:00:00', 'dt_stop' : '2018-12-31T23:30:00' } The coordinates that come out of this appear starting with: [-216000, -1296000] whereas they should be [3194160, 3325480] if they were in EPSG:3035. Are the time series downloads in a different EPSG from the other sources? If so what is it?
  2. I can't import data from web @GWA Elevation. It shows that: Could not import .Reason: MyMap.ImportMap : MyMap.MapReaderBody: Line#0, File Record#0 TmprLatLon._ Provide: Owner=GeneralProjectionSystem, Name=GeoProjection TemplateRepository.FindByID: ID=LatLon, k=1 Access violation at address 007096BD in module 'WAsPMapEditor12_4.exe'. Read of address 00000051. what should I do it now? Please respond me as soon as possible.
  3. We have an API that converts a GeoJSON polygon bounding box to the indices used in the OpenDAP queries used to download of the mesoscale time-series. The query will return an XML file that has a complex data element, which contains the indices for the west_east and south_north dimensions. This can then be substituted into the download. https://wps.neweuropeanwindatlas.eu/cgi-bin/?SERVICE=WPS&VERSION=1.0.0&REQUEST=Execute&IDENTIFIER=opendap_helper&DataInputs=location={"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[14,52],[16,52],[16,54],[14,54],[14,52]]]} Additionally, several users have asked about using the OpenDAP service with Python. We have used XArray for this purpose, using a command like below: ds = xr.open_dataset("http://opendap.neweuropeanwindatlas.eu/opendap/newa/NEWA_MESOSCALE_ATLAS/2015/NEWA-2015-12-30.nc?WS[0:1:47][2:2][674:1:674][628:1:628],WD[0:1:47][2:2][674:1:674][628:1:628],time[0:1:47],height[2:2],west_east[628:1:628],south_north[674:1:674],XLON[674:1:674][628:1:628],XLAT[674:1:674][628:1:628],Times[0:1:47],crs")
  4. The temporal plots on the GWA, have a variable called the Wind Speed Index, this value is the mean wind speed for that temporal period divided by the 10-year mean wind speed at that point. The temporal plots are not downscaled to the 250m resolution, but come from the mesoscale simulations with 3km resolution. Therefore, by presenting the temporal data as an index, you can adjust it for your region of interest, or even local points. Of course, this also means that features not resolved by the mesoscale model that affect the timing of the wind are not represented.
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