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How does WAsP consider wind turbine yaw control and wind turbine orientation?


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The wind farm will apply yaw control to obtain the maximum energy gain from the wind farm. The front row wind turbines are usually adjusted so that the front row wind turbines have a yaw angle. Is yaw control considered in WAsP, and the yaw angle? How to define the positive and negative of , and what are the specific operations?

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Thank you very much for your reply. I have a preliminary understanding of PyWake. In the official PyWake document, PyWake WAsPGridSiteproposes: providing a WAsP terrain interface to consider the impact of terrain on wind farm power generation. Has this idea been realized or is it just a way for the DTU team to improve PyWake later? If it has been realized, is the combination of PyWake and WAsP realized through WAsP software generating elevation contour vector maps?

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Hi Feng,

You can use a resource grid calculated by WAsP or PyWAsP with PyWake by using the `from_pwc` method of the `XRSite` class. This is the way we (on the PyWAsP team) pass wind climate data to PyWake, not via the `WaspGridSite` object.

If you have .rsf or .wrg files with predicted wind climates from WAsP you can use WindKit to read the files and pass those to PyWake for wind farm modeling. See e.g. https://docs.wasp.dk/windkit/io/wc_autogen/windkit.weibull_wind_climate.read_wrgfile.html#windkit.weibull_wind_climate.read_wrgfile

Read more about how to install WindKit here: https://docs.wasp.dk/windkit/installation.html

As an example, if you have a .wrg file from WAsP you would do something like:

import windkit as wk
import py_wake

pwc = wk.read_wrgfile(path_to_wrgfile)
site = py_wake.site.xrsite.XRSite.from_pwc(pwc)

You will now be able to use `site` in your PyWake modeling. 

One thing to consider when you do this is how you want to handle the spatial inhomogeneity. The way we do it in WAsP is to calculate speed-ups sector-wise using the point of highest wind speed as the reference. This corresponds to the default `method_speedup="park"` option in `from_pwc`. 

Best regards
Bjarke (PyWAsP developer)








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