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Wasp and Windpro Licence

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I am new with Wasp and micrositing studies. Perhaps this is a very basic question but I am a bit confused with the type of licences between Wasp and Windpro (that uses Wasp model)

I understood that I can use Wasp alone to do micrositing studies.

On the other side WIndpro (module-based software) do the same, but also allows other caculations (e.g. environemnt). However WindPRO says that the module MODEL is just an interface between Wasp and Windpro.

So my question is if I buy WindPRO I need to also buy Wasp to operate or do windflow calculation with Windpro. Or WIndPRO has in the background Wasp model as modeling engine.

I am deciding which kind of software to acquire.

Thanks in advance for your time to answer this basic question.

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Hi Jose,

You can indeed use WAsP alone. When you buy a WAsP licence, you get access to WAsP, WAsP Engineering and WAT - these can be downloaded from the wasp web-page. With WindPRO you buy the modules you need. The module MODEL is the interface between WAsP and Windpro, so you need to purchase both a WAsP license and MODEL to do resource calculations in WindPRO. You can buy WAsP licences from both DTU and EMD. If you give EMD a call, they can better describe the different modules of WindPRO.

kind regards
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