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WAsP 11.1 released

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WAsP 11.1 includes a couple of quite extraordinary new features for siting of wind turbines, wind farms and met stations. WAsP CFD result files now include turbulence data and with WAsP 11.1 it is now possible to show WAsP CFD turbulence intensity and flow inclination in WAsP resource grids. In WAsP 11.1 these same properties are now also included in the ”Site effects” tab for turbine sites, reference sites and met stations.

New features:
•Integration of turbulence and flow inclination from WAsP CFD results files
•Site effects tab now separates IBZ and CFD information (relevant reports too)
•During a calculation, loading CFD layers from the results is significantly faster
•Added a dialog when sending a WAsP CFD job to the computer cluster using the WAsP CFD calculation manager, informing that you are about to spend WAsP CFD calculation credits
•Site effects results once copied to clipboard have three decimal format
•Recalculated WAsP CFD result files for Parco Ficticio so that includes the turbulence and flow inclination results
•Removed script "cross prediction excel (save ws)" and updated "cross prediction– Excel"
•When CFD filenames are auto generated, concatenating in part of the job GUID, the first character is dropped off

Fixes the following problems:
•OWC-Window failure fixed
•Prompted switch from LIB to GWC export extension is now working properly


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