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.wtg files in WaSP 12.4

I have an old .wtg file for an ecotechnia WTG which will not load into a project in WAsP 12.4.
It opens in turbine editor ok, but will not save (error message fWindTurbineType_WTGPerfomr Table_File Access_1.AssignTo RveaWTGPerformTable:Could not append data point.)
I have tried making a new .wtg file using the data, and that does not work either. But I cannot see any difference between this file and other .WTG files, that do work.


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WAsP team
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Re: .wtg files in WaSP 12.4

Hello Maggie, can you send your WTG file to me (duncan.heathfield@wasptechnical.dk), and I can try to work out what is the problem.


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