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Wasp 10 / Map Editor 12 conflicts ?


I have been using Wasp 10 for many  years and I would like to install Map Editor 12.

I am afraid of any conflicts that may arise between the old and the new version of Map Editor when coexisting in the same computer. Are there any references of this ?

And I am also afraid of removing the old Map Editor (which has served me for so long) and then being unable to re-install it or experiencing Wasp 10 - Map Editor 12 conflicts.

Your comments will be much appreciated. Many thanks !


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Niels Gylling Mortensen
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Re: Wasp 10 / Map Editor 12 conflicts ?

Dear user,
I have not heard of any references to this. I use the Map Editor myself on a regular basis and have not experienced any conflicts so far. If we hear of such conflicts we will of course try to solve them, but it is hard to guarantee that there could not (ever) be any conflicts. - Our general recommendation with WAsP software is to use the latest published version on our web site, unless you want to replicate an old project exactly.

Hope this helps,


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