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Wind profile calibration

Hi there !

I'm conducting the assessment of a complex site on WAsP-CFD and I have a question about the validity of a method.
When I assess a site on standard WAsP I use to calculate the wind profile at the met mast with the power law which I think more trustful. As I got different results for the vertical extrapolation I balance the height of the mast on WAsP to get the same wind speed at the hub height at the reference mast. For example if I want to compute the wind speed at 80m with a 60m met mast I calculate the wind speed at the mast at 80m with the power law and I obtain 7.5 m/s. WAsP gives me at the same point from the same mast 7.8 m/s. Therefore I reduce the height mast at 78m on WAsP to reach 7.5 m/s. Then I've got the same starting point and I can compute the wind speed of turbines at 80m (78m in WAsP). I hope my explanation is clear.
As WAsP-CFD is based on a different model which takes into account NS equations, I would like to know if it is possible to follow the same method on this tool or if it will distort the results ?

Thanks for you answer


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Re: Wind profile calibration

Hi Karvel,
I haven't used your method of reducing the hub height of the turbines before. That said, there is no fundamental difference between using the CFD or IBZ model, you can, therefore, apply the same method to the WAsP CFD model. You need to be sure that you are using CFD-results at both the mast and turbine positions. As long as you don't mix IBZ and CFD in the same project, you should be fine.
kind regards


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